The following clothing suggestions are for acting headshots but can apply for other purposes as well.
In general, bring a variety of clothing that you like to wear every day and what you wear most often to auditions. Be yourself, but please NO BUSY PRINTS OR BRAND NAME LOGOS – PLAIDS ARE OK! Bring clothes that are appropriate for your age range and type. Look at what the characters you would play on television and film are wearing. Get wardrobe ideas from them. CONSIDER GETTING IDEAS FROM YOUR AGENT OR MANAGER, IF YOU HAVE ONE.
Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. Generally, blue eyes look best in blues, gray and pink. Green eyes look best in greens, browns, oranges and earth tones. Hazel eyes look best in greens, browns, oranges and earth tones. Brown eyes, look good in any color. Avoid colors that are the same shade as your skin tone.
Some colors that make great headshots stand out even more: Aqua, Blue, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Coral, Green, Gold, Orange, Pink, Turquoise, Teal, Rust, Yellow, White, Beige, Plaids, Light Pastels also work but look best with texture.

AVOID BRIGHT RED (unless it’s your favorite color) – it tends to overpower the face.

Your clothes should be clean and in good condition. They should fit well so you don’t appear boxy. Be current! But don’t go overboard on trendy looks.
Be sure to include a pair of blue jeans or dark pants. Women, bring undergarment appropriate to different colors and necklines.

COMMERCIAL LOOKS (WOMEN): Casual sporty looks, hoodies, tank tops, v-neck button down shirts, plaids, sweater sets, denim shirt or jacket, t-shirts, cap sleeve tops, textured sweaters. Colors that “pop” (bright, bold colors) are great for commercials. Layering is great.

COMMERCIAL LOOKS (MEN): Casual sporty looks, denim shirt or jacket, flannel shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, work shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, textured sweaters. plaids, Colors that “pop” (bright, bold colors) are great for commercials. Layering is great.

Commercial looks to consider: Young mom and young dad, parent, grandparent, the young student, preppy girl/guy, hip girl/guy, tough guy, tomboy, the professional (CEO, middle management), the blue-collar worker (construction worker, security guard) the office worker, the athlete.

THEATRICAL LOOKS (WOMEN): Upscale casual, sexy sweaters, scoop necks, spaghetti strap, tank tops, cap sleeve tops, and v-necks are wonderful. Keep your neckline open.

THEATRICAL LOOKS (MEN): Upscale casual, dress shirts, layering is wonderful, a t-shirt, collar shirt, and a light fall jacket, for example. Crew neck, textured sweaters,  button-down shirts, turtleneck.
Theatrical looks to consider: Bad boy/bad girl, sexy soap opera, the love interest, the best friend, the mother/father of the bride, the ingenue/innocent girl, young student, the hero, the detective, the professional(Lawyer, doctor, CEO, middle management, artistic).

BUSINESS LOOKS (MEN): Suits, jackets, dress shirts, ties.

BUSINESS LOOKS (WOMEN): Jacket, shirt, tank top/shell. v-neck button down shirts. Suits should fit well.
Bring a large number of clothing options to allow yourself maximum choices. Layering is great!
Keep jewelry simple. A pair of stud earrings is all you need, if any. Except for “hip, trendy” looks.
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