I have had such great success with my headshots by Robin Emtage. She is a great person to work with. She made it really easy and fun. She was very encouraging and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her charisma and creativity are so inspiring! She pays attention to every detail. The results were a choice of many photos that I could make into 8×10’s. She definitely takes photos that get you auditions.
-Callie Cameron Garrison- The Old Spice Girl, Passions
Jason Pace replace Robin has a gifted eye. She creates a wonderfully peaceful and calm atmosphere for her clients which allows for one’s true essence to come through in her pictures. I found her to be fun, happy and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her and her work!
-Jason Pace – Girlfriends
Stu_new Robin you really know how to capture the power in the eyes. You are worth so much more than you charge. Did I tell you that? LOL. Emtage of Beverly Hills, where working actors go!
-Stu Large- The Best Man, Shaft

Coming from London I had to reinvent myself. My old photos were limited. I wanted to get great acting headshots. Because of the creative talents of Robin Emtage, I now have a variety of photos that wonderfully reveal the range of my personality. Robin is very calming and a lot of fun. We were laughing the whole time, and she gives really good direction.
-Daniela Lavender – Ali G Indahouse

Ashlee Holland Thank you so much Robin! The show LOVES the pics you took. 🙂
-Ashlee Holland -Winner – I wanna Be A Soap Star 4, Days Of Our Lives
JarrodARET5 Robin is able to do what a lot of headshot photographers failed to do, make me look like an actor instead of a football player. She is clear about what poses look best and she brings it out in her subjects. The way she lights darker skin tones is like no other. I am very blessed, as her husband, to have access to her brilliant photographic eye.
Jarrod BunchOnly In America:The Don King Story, The Best Man
18-Hira ambrosino AS USUAL ROBIN  – I LOVE MY NEW SHOTS!!!!!  I truly had a tough time deciding….They are all great headshots – I can close my eyes and choice! Thank you ever so much! See you again soon:) YOU’RE AWESOME!!!! xoxo
-Hira Ambrosino Days Of Our Lives
Alla Korat Thanks again for the incredible photo shoot you Blessed me with yesterday:) FANTASTIC HEADSHOTS!! They don’t even hardly need any retouching, that’s how great they came out!!  I’m beyond grateful & HAPPY! Robin is the best headshot photographer in LA.
-Alla Korot All My Children
Nicole Mays0241 100dpi Robin, So far I have gotten several agents wanting to sign me from my new shots…Thanks to your “amazing headshots!! Thanks again for your great work!
-Nicole May
Alejandra Morin0161 100dpi My reps LOVE the photos! Thank you so much! They’ve finally made their selections. The best headshots I have ever had:)
-Alejandra Morin
Kamili Mitchell0007 100dpi-1 Thank you so much for a great shoot and your helpful input narrowing down the many choices! Those were some of my favorites as well! Have a wonderful day.
-Kamili Mitchel
Phyllis Lynch0218 100dpi Hi Robin – Thanks for a great photo session yesterday. It was such a pleasure to work with you! As I mentioned to you, I rarely like my photos and I usually look terrible in the family photo.But, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I had a very hard time narrowing the choices down to 10. GREAT JOB!!
-Phyllis Lynch
Mathilde Pareja Olivi Thank you so much for my amazing headshots!! It was a pleasure taking pictures with you yesterday! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!
-Mathilde Pareja Olivi
SharonBLynn Hi Robin,
Thanks again for the great headshots, great vibes, warmth and encouragement. I am getting great reactions for friends and industry people.
-Sharon Blynn Sex and the City
Luke Robin Emtage really knows what actors need in their headshots to get them called in by casting directors; her headshots make an impression that lasts. She is a great director with her camera. She puts you at ease and captures you at your best. The eyes in her photos talk to you. I feel confident in recommending Robin for her great acting headshots. She is by far the best LA headshot photographer I’ve ever worked with.
-Luke Massy –Charlie’s Angels, Las Vegas
NinaShayDRET copy

Robin, thank you again. My photos are really beautiful.  I thank God for leading me to you.  It really was a true blessing!
-Nina Shay – Main Floor

AndreaConteCommerical copy Hi Robin,
I wanted to write and thank you again for such a terrific experience shooting with you. My headshots are fantastic the hardest part has been narrowing down my choices. I submitted the attached choices and have 2 big agencies that want to sign me across the board after receiving my new shots and meeting with them.
Thank you so much for your talent!
My best to you always,
-Andrea Conte
Headshots_063v2 copy
Hello Robin!
 Everyone I’ve shown my headshots to has absolutely loved them. They are working out great!
I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job, you’re great to work with and have fantastic advice. I’ll be in touch!
– Nicole Mazor
DanaHannaB copy
Hi Robin!
I honestly didn’t know I’d have a success story so soon. Your photos are AMAZING!!! The response I have been getting with them is proof of that. I got a brand new commercial agent, have literally doubled my auditions. My agent just loves my headshots!!!! These are absolutely the best headshots I have ever taken! You are very knowledgeable about what you do and I appreciate that (thanks for forcing the smiles) Not to mention LOVE THE MAKE UP!!! I usually HATE make-up, but you made me look so natural!!!) Thanks alot Robin for walking me thru the whole process, I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles!!!
Dana Hanna
CeciliaFoster 2 Hi Robin, Just wanted you to know that I got signed with by a commercial agent days after I send out my new headshots! Thanks to your great work.
-Ceci Foster
David Kohlenberg

I am really excited how my headshots turned out and I have already gotten so much more auditions on LA Casting since I put my new headshots.
Thanks again!
David Ryan

PS: I am going to be calling you soon for more looks!

Carole criss copy Hi Robin,

Your photos have landed me so many auditions and I have booked so many jobs that I wanted you to know that I will be proud to be included as one of your success stories. Thanks you so much for giving me a gift of amazing headshots.
-Carolyn Chriss

  Thanks for your great headshots, Robin.  I have gotten a theatrical and voice
over agent, to add to the commercial agent since I took my shots. Everyone is very pleased with my photos.  My commercial agent put this shot on LACasting this morning and I had two auditions for the next day. Pretty cool! I have given your number to a few friends of mine who will sure contact you for a session.
Hope you are well and thanks again.
-Stacey Aswad
Talia_Thiesfield_A_RET copy Robin Emtage is the best headshot photographer in LA. She takes the stress out of the headshot experience. From our very first meeting, I felt comfortable and confident that my pictures were going to be the best I’ve ever had.  And that feeling was right on!  I’ve never had commercial shots that looked so spontaneous and real!  The makeup was GORGEOUS, the space was warm and inviting, and Robin really took her time getting everything right.  She knows what the agents and casting directors are looking for, and furthermore, the same agents and casting directors know and respect her work when they see it.  Since getting my new headshots, my responses on the casting websites have increased tremendously.  I am so happy with my choice of a photographer. I would shoot with Robin a hundred times over again.  It was by far the best headshot experience I’ve had to date.
-Talia Thiesfield
MaryamDay176R Robin, I wanted to thank you again for such an amazing job.  My pictures are
absolutely fabulous. No other headshot photographer has ever been able to capture me the way you did.  Both my agents and I love them!  Thank you .|
-Maryam Day
bodyshotwhitegirl copy
Robin Emtage is a great photographer and make-up artist that knows exactly how to capture an actor’s essence!  I did a lot of research before I found her and she exceeded my expectations!  I have and will continue to recommend her to other actors!”
 – Shannah Barrett

Robin’s work has certainly enhanced my acting career. She’s very careful about snapping the right moment, and then helps you to pick out the right photos that’ll serve you well. I get comments all the time on my headshots. “The photographer really lit your face well.” “There is so much going on in your face”. “Your eyes stand out”. “The backdrops compliment you well”. “It looks so natural.” With Robin’s work, I recently got signed theatrically/commercially. My photos grab the attention of most casting directors and producers. They have opened a lot of doors and got me many auditions. Through Robin’s work, I have worked with Tom Sigel, Robin Reed, and John Ridley to name a few. I’ll be coming back soon.
-Deforest Mapp – Barbershop

BethanyDotsonBRET copy Hi Robin, First of all let me tell I have never had such a hard time narrowing down my choices. There were so many good ones to choice from. I’d take a really good look and then leave them alone for a day, come back and I find new ones that didn’t strike me before. I want to take you up on helping me narrow them down. Wow! Thank you so much.
-Bethany Dotson

Hi Robin, I just can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with your photography.  I have worked with a lot of photographers and makeup artists in my life, and you are simply the best headshot photographer I have worked with. Not only that, you are a sweetheart of a person, and in this wild and crazy world, this is such a BLESSING!  I know that I will have no trouble finding acting working in LA, because of these wonderful headshots that capture the essence of “me”! You are a true artist and I’m so glad to have met a new friend!
-Terry Laster



IslBG My acting career was stalled until Robin Emtage entered my life. She relaxed me during our work session. There were about 2 DOZEN that I liked and could use as my headshot! Robin is the real deal as a creative inspiration to me as an actor. She charmed and encouraged me in such a way that I increased in self-appreciation. Robin and her camera are “pure magic.” Thank you so much Robin. I am proud and pleased to hand my photo to casting directors. You “the woman!” Heartfelt thanx
-Don Brown

Hi Robin,

It was a pleasure to work with you.  My photos look spectacular! My Manager and Agent are excited about them as well. You delivered as promised. The options were plenty. My headshots stand out and they represent me well. Thanks again for your wonderful work!
Lisa Ferreira

MarissaMayfeildCRET2 copy
Hi Robin,
It was such a pleasure to work with you today. You are a great headshot photographer. Thank you so much for taking my pictures and doing my makeup and hair. You were so sweet and down-to-earth. You made me very feel comfortable and relaxed. I love all the shots so much. I’m going to take you up on your offer to help me narrow down my many choices. I will definitely tell my actor friends about the quality of your work.
-Marissa Mayfield
I searched online viewing hundreds of websites looking for the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles. Robin Emtage was one of the few LA headshot photographers that stood out. Her professionalism and expertise can be seen in the quality of my photos, not to mention she saved me hundreds of dollars. I had so many great shots to choose from. Her knowledge of makeup and of the camera ensured that I achieved the results that I desired. Her guidance and communication while shooting helped me create the looks I needed. She made me feel completely at ease, and her home setting created the relaxed, comfortable environment I needed to give the camera my best. After the shoot she gave me great headshots advice; her tips were helpful in getting me started in Hollywood. The next time I need headshots I will return to Robin.
-Jim Fisher
Thanks again for everything. I am so happy with my decision to go with you. I love my headshots and I am getting a good response from the Casting directors, etc., that I’ve sent them to. I am getting a lot of calls for auditions. Your tips on who/where to call and sign up with have proven invaluable. Yesterday I worked on Grey’s Anatomy and I feel that at least some of that reason was because of you. People ask about my headshots and photographer, I recommend you in the best way I know how. A million thanks and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Kristi and I in the future.
-Jim Fisher
7Jimandkris_sm copy
Robin very graciously allowed Jim to bring me along to the shoot for moral support. She made me feel just as comfortable as Jim in her home and during the shoot; she was very warm and personable. As for the headshots; the results were amazing. She made my husband feel completely at ease, and her home setting created the comfortable environment he needed to give the camera his best. The beautiful natural light, the great poses, the makeup, she is a true artist. My husband’s headshots are fantastic. It gives me pleasure to testify!!!
-Kristi Chapman Fisher
SoniaPerozziARET copy Robin,

Ciao!! I am so happy and pleased with my headshots and I wanted to thank you again. I really enjoyed working with you. You have great energy and from the very beginning to the end you were helpful. I instantly received positive feedback. Just the other day before I could even get your last name out at Reproductions, they knew who you were. Said you were one of the best LA headshot photographers. Said your headshots were always great. I made the right choice. Grazie!
A presto,
-Sonia Perozzi



Omar new copy
I appreciate all of your hard work. Those pictures are the best I have ever had. I have been working steadily since I got those pic. It feels good to walk into an audition or a meeting with headshots you feel so good about (a bit of added confidence that we all need). I believe that you do some of the best work in town and your prices are very reasonable. My manager refers you to her clients. I’m so glad Jarrod told me about you. Again thanks for everything, Robin.
-Omar Dorsey – D’Jango, Sugar Queen
RamonaColbertCRET Hi Robin, I have to tell you I feel so good about my photos! My shots look positively beautiful. Thank you for narrowing them down for me b/c I wouldn’t have had a clue as to which ones to choose; they were so many. All the help you gave after the shoot helped me so much to get on track. And of course, thanks for directing and coaching me thru the shoot. You made it easy. You are the best headshot photographer! Not to mention, you are an amazing makeup artist. Robin, as far as I’m concerned, no one can compare.
-Ramona Colbert
13Steve_sm copy

Hey Robin, I am on “Monk” this Friday, on USA. Check it out. Thanks to your great headshots. It’s working! It’s a big hit. You really captured the real me.
-Steven Barton – Monk